Understanding And Preventing Suicide

Understanding And Preventing Suicide

Understanding and Preventing Suicide

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Suicide today is an enormous problem that is affecting every level of our society today. Statistics have shown that suicide is the third leading cause of death among those ages fifteen to twenty-five years of age and is the sixth leading cause of death among those five to fourteen years of age. (Lewis 15) Thousands are choosing to die by their own hand each year in our country and it?s a problem that is only growing. Many may think this is a problem that they have nothing to do with but the truth is that an estimated five-hundred thousand teenagers attempt to take their lives each year and that about five thousand succeed. These numbers range up there with those of cancer related deaths and homicides. (Lewis 17) In this paper I hope to address this issue and explain the reasons some commit suicide and what can be done to keep the number of suicides from rising any higher.
Many have debated on why people commit suicide and whether or not it is their choice to make in the first place. There are many different factors that may contribute to a person committing suicide. These

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