Understanding Aggression

Understanding Aggression

When April 20, 1999 came about, students at Columbine High School were shocked when the students they were classmates with, suddenly entered the school with weapons. They killed teachers and students with no fear before they finally turned their weapons to themselves, taking their own lives. Another case in the early 90?s involved Timothy McVeigh taking his ruthless intent out on the Oklahoma City Federal Building killing over 200 people.
What makes people suddenly just lash out and take their aggression out on other people Why do people develop such aggressive behaviors To better understand how a relatively normal person gets so aggressed, we have to develop a theory on what causes aggression. I will try to hypothesize how biological factors, frustration, crowding, and averse events affect a person?s personality in the cause of aggression. I will be using aggression as the independent variable and biological, frustration, crowding, and adverse events as the dependent variable.
Biological Factors
The first psychologist to study the cause of aggression was Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. He believed that a person has an instinct for aggressions that can either be directed inward (depression or suicide), or directed outward (cause of the Columbine School

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