Study Of Organizational Culture And The Indian Army

September 15, 2017 Philosophy

THE INDIAN ARMY is the land based subdivision and the largest constituent of the Indian Armed Forces. It came into being in 1947 when India gained independency, and inherited most of the substructure of the British Indian Army that was located in post-partition India. It is a voluntary service and though there is a proviso for military muster in the Indian fundamental law, it has ne’er been imposed. The Indian Army is the universe ‘s second-largest standing ground forces whose primary mission is to guarantee the national security and defence of the Republic of India from external aggression and menaces and keeping peace and security within its boundary lines. It besides conducts human-centered deliverance operations during natural catastrophes and other perturbations. The President of India serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

CULTURE is comprised by the imposts, heritage and accomplishments of a peculiar section of society. Organizational civilization is the psychological science, attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values of an organisation and its employees. In this instance, we talk about the ground forces. As an organisation, its civilization is the sum sum of the activities and thoughts shared by this group of people with its common demands, imposts, Torahs and traditions. These are percolated across the Army by the ideas and feelings of the people concerned and are reinforced by actions of persons and sub-groups to show a whole image of a common and shared perceptual experience of a unvarying blend of ideals working and endeavoring towards the accomplishment of a common end. By finally working in conformity with and in response to a individual ‘will ‘ , political and military they attain the aims laid down for them in peace, and peculiarly during operations in war. This is how the Army is designed and it is compulsory that this design is followed in the best mode possible for keeping and continuing the solidarity and coherence of the force and its professional competency.

The two heroic poems of Ramayana and Mahabharata constitute the model on which the building of Army is built. The elements of civilization have been imbibed a batch from these two heroic poems. Even in the Indian ground forces merely like Mahabharata, the good of the state is put foremost instead than the person. In footings of power distribution merely like the Ramayana the Indian Army is a good structured administration. There is a cardinal authorization of power which releases orders, the people at assorted degrees follow orders from the superior and esteem them at the same clip. There are clear cut guidelines for each and every ground forces forces to follow and divergences from the same are non appreciated in the Institute. Army as an institute lays particular accent on attending to inside informations as they need to be certain of everything before traveling out for war. The armed forces have both aspects in their personality they are aggressive when required and can be stable when required. The Indian ground forces has people orientation besides as portion of its civilization. It believes more than the heavy weapon the work forces are their biggest strength. They have proper preparation installations to instill them into the civilization of the Indian Army.

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To further understand the civilization of the Indian Army we interviewed three Army forces. The followers is a effect of the three interviews –

What are cardinal aspects of Culture of the Indian Army?

The cardinal aspects of Indian Army include a sense of bonding, they are a unit which is closely knit, an highly disciplined clump of people with high degrees of motive. They have high regard for what they do and their equal group. In practise, a batch of times the Indian Army does non have its promised portion of returns and therefore the general lesson of the military personnels takes a dip. This can be attributed to bureaucratic intervention.

How does the administration construction impact civilization?

The administration construction helps them incorporate with the civilization, since it clearly defines functions of persons. At the same clip it besides brings in a sense of regard towards their seniors.

How make the forces work forces get to cognize about the civilization of Indian Army when they are recruited?

Culture is imbibed in the work forces right from the yearss of preparation. It is a strict preparation method followed at the IMA/NDA/OTA to develop these bright immature persons to go work forces of the Indian ground forces. During the preparation period through their interactions with seniors the recruits learn more than the functionalities of the Indian Army. They say it is one the best ways in which civilization is imbibed in the heads of these immature persons.

What is sought after in Indian Army the larger Interest or Individual petitions?

It ‘s the involvement of the state that is the most of import thing for any of the armed forces work forces. He puts the state before everything in his life.

How clearly are functions defined in the Indian Army?

Functions are really clearly defined in the Indian Army. A hierarchy construction is in topographic point. The poster of persons happens on the footing of function demand and so happening the best tantrum.

Does civilization besides evolve and is there range for new traditions?

Indian ground forces is an institute which believes in uninterrupted development for the better, at the same it believes in keeping its rich heritage. In a nutshell it amalgamates the old and new and ensures the best is created. But it likes to keep on to its past a batch.

Any cognition of transverse civilization impact of the people as they come from assorted backgrounds?

It is likely the best illustration to understand homogeneousness in heterogeneousness. The backgrounds which people come from are diverse but at the same clip at the Centre of their diverseness is unity which binds them to guard their state ‘s boundaries. Due to change backgrounds, persons learn to appreciate others and besides at the same clip learn to observe differences.

How of import is detailing as a aspect of civilization in the Indian Army?

The most of import aspect of Indian Army ‘s civilization is detailing. One can non travel to conflict field without cognizing every item of war. Particular accent is laid on detailing right from the preparation period of each and every force. An oculus for detailing is highly of import every bit good as extremely appreciated in the Indian Army.

How does the Indian ground forces communicate its civilization to the outside universe?

Each ground forces forces is the trade name embassador of the Indian ground forces. He/She is function theoretical account for today ‘s young person and carries himself consequently. Besides Indian ground forces leads by illustration in every facet it gets itself involved in. But in entirety the ground forces is a really closed administration and non appreciative indefensible interaction with the outside universe.

How make you cover with person who does non follow the civilization of Indian Army?

For person who is non in line with the civilization, they are assorted phases of guaranting that the individual is brought in line with the civilization like warnings and one-year studies. But if all the options do n’t work out so Court Marshall is besides an option which is exercised where the armed forces is made to give up his place and honor associated with it.


The mission statement of the Indian Army is non a really clearly defined one. On a broader position the Indian Army stands for the undermentioned political orientation:

The Indian Army philosophy defines it as “ The Indian Army is the land constituent of the Indian Armed Forces which exist to continue the ideals of the Constitution of India. ” As a major constituent of national power, along with the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force, the functions of the Indian Army are as follows:

Primary: Preserve national involvements and safeguard sovereignty, territorial unity and integrity of India against any external menaces by disincentive or by engaging war.

Secondary: Assist Government bureaus to get by with ‘proxy war ‘ and other internal menaces and supply assistance to civil authorization when requisitioned for the intent. ”

Following is the tabular matter of the functional and dysfunctional facets of the Indian Army:

Functional Aspects

Dysfunctional Aspects

It is a extremely incorporate organisation

Intervention by the bureaucratism. The bureaucratism tries to act upon determination devising and hence some determinations tend to travel haywire, making confusions for the people around.

The motivational degrees of the forces of the Armed Forces are highly high which is needed for the occupation profile that they have.

Red Tapism. There is a batch of lassitude in some sections to acquire the things to action. This is rather unacceptable for an establishment like the Indian Army.

There is huge regard for an person every bit good as for the squad spirit.

Distributed determination devising. This causes some important determinations to be delayed.

The organisation has an first-class preparation programme, which grooms the complete personality of an single alternatively of concentrating on one facet.

Budget allotments are non defined within the Organization. Hence, the allotment is non even sometimes.

They have highly high criterions for choice to the Indian Army, and despite a manpower crunch they have decided non to take down the choice standard.

Indian Army needs to pull the right endowment, which presently it is unable to make. This can be attributed to the deficiency of proper and right information to the young person.

Very good quality of life for the people who are a portion of the Indian Army.

Lobbying for publicities. At the senior degree, there is a batch of push and pull for acquiring the desired places. This creates an unhealthy environment in the organisation.

Indian Army guarantee a good station retirement life.

Low inducement wages. Anomalies in the wage construction for the armed forces are a common happening.

Indian Army provides chances to see assorted civilizations and live in assorted topographic points as a portion of their term of offices.



Based on the derived dysfunctional facets, we can observe that the disagreements occur on two foreparts:

External influences

Internal maps

The issues caused by external influences include:

Intervention by the bureaucratism – The Army should put such high criterions that its sensed image is one where it merely serves its mission and can non be influenced. This image will discourage all sorts of informal petitions and interventions. This can be done by giving more liberty to the forces in the model of the organisations functioning the state.

The issues caused by internal maps include:

Red tapism – The Army informants inordinate ordinance and stiff conformance to formal regulations that at times prevents fleet action or decision-making. The organisation should let for flexibleness in construction of actions and determination devising. Besides, it can include film editing of ruddy tape as a policy promise.

Hierarchical determination doing – Orders issued by Army forces are of critical importance, and therefore the determinations to these orders need to be taken on clip without any holds. This can be done by authorising functionaries at different degrees so that determinations can be instantly taken and there arises no demand to wait for countenances from the top order when it is pressing.

Uneven budget allotments – Analyzing and apprehension of every section ‘s demands, will assist transport out equal and effectual budget distributions. This will guarantee handiness of all needful resources to all sections.

Poor perceived image – The ground forces ‘s current image is unable to pull attending of the young person for new recruits. This can be fixed by better communicating and public dealingss exercising.

Lobbying for publicities – It is important for every organisation to guarantee that there are no unethical practises taking topographic point. To forestall any lobbying for publicities, the Army should give due assessments based on virtue at the right clip. It should besides invent a protective mechanism for all those who report these unethical practises ; this will assist describe all such malpractices.

Unequal wage compared to other Government Organizations – This brings about deficiency of motive in the Army functionaries. The Government must guarantee that the comparative assessments in all its organisations are at par.


We would wish to show our gratitude to Dr. Shubhra Gaur for giving us this chance to carry on research on the Indian Army and its Culture and to analyze the assorted functional and dysfunctional facets associated with this organisation.

We would besides wish to thank Maj.Gen. ( Retd ) D.V. Kalra, VSM for assisting us understand the civilization and working manner of the Indian Army..


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