Jealousy The Destroyer Of Relationships

October 7, 2016 Communication

Jealousy: The Destroyer Of Relationships

Jealousy: The Destroyer of Relationships

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It is difficult for a great majority of people to maintain a lasting relationship

in this particular day and age. There are so many obstacles that couples must

struggle to overcome in order for their relationships to survive. Examples of such

obstacles include being unfaithful, lack of communication, the inability to

compromise and jealousy. Of the examples listed, jealousy can quite possibly be the

most damaging to relationships. Jealousy will destroy relationships and can also

destroy people-literally and physically.

In Robert Olen Butler?s ?Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot,? the

husband was constantly jealous of anyone his wife associated with and was

obsessed with the idea that she had cheated on him. This obsession eventually led

to his death and his apparent reincarnation as a parrot. There was absolutely no

evidence that the wife had been unfaithful because the only evidence the husband

ever revealed was that she was cheating on him with a guy in the shipping

department, all based on the fact that ?three times she?d mentioned him.? (1595)

This is not enough evidence to conclude her guilt. In fact, the wife was not

unfaithful to

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