October 8, 2016 Medical


Euthanasia is the practice of assisting the terminally ill in suicide to end their pain and suffering earlier than the illness would do on its own. Medical facilities practice two methods of euthanasia, passive, and voluntary active euthanasia. The practice of euthanasia is a widespread and highly controversial subject centering on the ethics of who should be allowed to control life and death situations.
Passive euthanasia occurs when the medical staff remove respirators or other life sustaining equipment that allows a patient to die naturally but faster than they would have if left on the equipment. In voluntary active euthanasia, caregivers or medical staff administers a lethal dose of pain medication to end the patient?s life sooner.
No one knows how wide spread this practice is, however, in a survey of nurses working in intensive care units 20 % had deliberately attempted to cease a patient?s life atleast once.
Euthanasia is a highly controversial subject because it centers on who has the right to say when a life should end. Is it the terminally ill persons right to end his own life or does that right belong to a family member,

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