Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health, a psychological state of well-being, characterized by continuing personal growth, a sense of purpose in life, self-acceptance, and positive relations with others. Some people define mental health as the absence of mental illness, but many psychologists consider this definition too narrow. Mental health can also refer to a field of study encompassing both mental health and mental illness.

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II Elements of Mental Health
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Psychologists have identified a number of distinct dimensions of mental health
. These include self-acceptance, or self-esteem, characterized by a positive evaluation of oneself and one?s past experiences; personal growth reflected in one?s sense of continued psychological growth and development; a sense that one?s life has purpose and meaning; positive relations with others; environmental mastery, the capacity to manage effectively in the surrounding world; and autonomy, a sense of self-determination and the ability to control one?s own life. Self-acceptance, relations with others, environmental mastery, and autonomy usually improve as a person ages and gains life experience. However, many people

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