Masculinity Mask Of Boys

October 29, 2016 General Studies

Masculinity Mask Of Boys

The Truth about Masculinity and Society?s Hindrance

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In this day and age one would think that the flaws of society 100 years ago wouldn?t be prevalent today. Unfortunately according to William Pollack this isn?t true, and actually he seems to be quite correct in his assumption. Boys are not shown the appropriate attention too the correct problems in society today. This failure is apparent in school, home, work and just about everyday in daily activities. Males are seldom advised to show their emotions and weakness in any way, or they are automatically seen as an outcast of some sort. Or even worse if they do show emotions they are labeled as gay, and this carries a type of negative connotation in society today that it shouldn?t. This problem is actually getting to the point that it is affecting the overall out come of academic performance in boys. Also there is a gender gap between the negative attentions that is displayed to boys as apposed to girls. When it may be something that isn?t right on the exterior of the situation and could easily be understood within a few questions. This makes the girls

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