Men Vs Women In Communication

Men Vs Women In Communication

The Way I Speak vs. The Way He Speaks

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In reading chapter 19, I was able to relate with most of the readings. Especially when I read the passage on private speaking: the wordy woman and the mute man, the comfort of home and public speaking: the talkative man and the silent woman.

In the passage on private speaking, the wordy woman and the mute man, I was able to identify with most of the points of this passage. When it comes to the men in my life, this passage screams most of their names, because of their behavior. When my mother and father had breakfast together, my mother had already been up for an hour or so and was ready to discuss the events that lye ahead for the day. Whereas my father just wanted to read the newspaper and eat his breakfast before he went to work. His reasoning to this was because at work he interacted with people all day long, he did not want to have a discussion with my mother first thing in the morning. Another example is when I call my best friend Bill on the telephone he is not

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