Design Principles
There are certain intrinsic principles that one needs to grasp to successfully capture the spirit of the Japanese garden. Most importantly, nature is the ideal that you must strive for. You can idealize it, even symbolize it, but you must never create something that nature itself cannot.
For example, you would never find a square pond in the wild, so do not put one in your garden. You may certainly use a waterfall, but not a fountain. Another key point to remember is balance, or sumi. You are always trying to create a ?large? landscape even in the smallest of spaces. While that nine-ton boulder looks right at home in the six-acre stroll garden, what effect does it have on a ten by ten courtyard It would have all the grace and subtlety of a horse in a closet. Choose your components carefully.
Rocks can represent whole mountains, pools become lakes. A small stretch of raked sand can become an entire ocean. The phrase ? Less is more? was surely first spoken by a garden master.
The elements of time and space
One of the first things that occur to western eyes viewing a Japanese garden is the ?emptiness? of portions of

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