Bed 10

November 4, 2017 Nursing

1. What was the overall theme of the book in relation to nursing? I think the overall theme of Bed Number Ten is to uncover the truth behind what can and really does happen today in the hospital setting as well as long term care units. Most of the time care givers in general underestimate the seriousness of caring of other human beings. 2. Was nursing portrayed in an overall negative or positive manner? I thought nursing was portrayed in a positive and negative manner. Some negative manners in this book that was portrayed: 1. nurses not educated on a unfamiliar disease 2. ack of awareness, clarification and brainstorming 3. lack of communication between doctors, ending up in duplicate labs and x-rays 4. violation of HIPPA regulations Some positive manners in this book that was portrayed: 1. Ginnie one of the physical therapist, going above the call of duty by coming in on her off shifts every Sunday evenings to care for Sue. (pg 239) 2. the nurse in Dr. Lohman’s office allowing Bill to read a paragraph in a medical book about Guillain-Barre syndrome. (pg 25) 3. building patient and nurse trust relationships 3. Reaction of Sue’s husband.

What a faithful, loving, caring, thoughtful, selflessness and very attentive man he was to his wife’s needs. He became very active throughout her whole hospital stay coming up with a call bell for assistance from staff, meeting with Dr. Lohmann on a regular basis, taking over the house finances, praying with her, faithfully visiting with her sometimes twice a day. He became a single parent within weeks and became very involved in his two daughters lives continuing to keep prior engagements. 4. A few health problems encountered were lack of bedside manners, communication from doctors, nurses and physical therapists.

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Lack of knowledge of patient diagnosis. 5. My personal reaction if I received this type of nursing care that Sue received would not have been good. When I became able enough to return back to Gulfland Hospital I would have made an appointment with the manager of the ICU department to tell of my experience. Not to get anyone fired but to inform the manager of much needed education on unfamiliar diseases. 6. I do have a personal family experience that relates to the content of this book. I have an older sister who has MS. She was diagnosed at the age of 22, she is now 53. Praise God!

It was very hard decision to place her in long term care. It was the best decision because she needed nursing care 24 hours 7 days a week. Since I am the only sibling in the medical field I became the family spoke person. 7. Reading this book has impacted my nursing future career by waking up the dogma in me. I have became more perceptive in my nursing cares by listening more to my patients fears, investigate the meaning of what my patient says and using more open-ended statements or questions. This is a much needed assignment for all nursing students especially early in the program as nursing 100.


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