Evaluating the Recruiting Function

Application – Nkomo 40: Evaluating the Recruiting Function Human Resource Management Nkomo 40: Evaluating the Recruiting Function Over the last three years the human resource director, Sam Barnett has had difficulty locating qualified nurse candidates. He is also having problems with the turnover rate for St. Vincent’s Hospital. The turnover rate has increased from 25 percent per year to 35 percent per year. The Director of nursing Services, Sister Mary Louise, is becoming burned out as a result of the off-site recruitment she has been doing.

Sister Mary has been attending the local nursing job fairs and the State Nursing Association Annual Meeting. St. Vincent’s Hospital decided to hire an outside management team to evaluate their recruiting process. It is necessary for the management team to analyze if St. Vincent’s recruiting efforts were justified by the hiring decision. They will need to calculate selection rates for those who offered jobs and calculate the acceptance rate for those who were offered and accepted the job.

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After these questions are answered the management team will help to develop a minimum of 2 job-related interview questions based on the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Outcomes that are important in a potential employee. Evaluation of Recruiting Strategy To start with the management team calculated the selection rates for those who were offered the job at St. Vincent’s. According to Human Resource Management (Mathis, R. & Jackson, J. , 2011) selection rate is the percentage hired from a given group of candidates. It equals the number hired divided by the number of applicants. St.

Vincent’s hired 52 people out of the 273 people who applied for jobs. So the selection rate of St. Vincent’s is 19. 048%. The acceptance rate is the percent of applicants hired divided by total number of applicants offered jobs (Mathis, R. & Jackson, J. , 2011). The acceptance rate for St. Vincent’s is calculated by taking the number hired 52 divided by the total offered the job 98. That means that St. Vincent’s acceptance rate is 53. 061%. How many Recruitment Sources does St. Vincent’s need? I think St. Vincent Hospital is using too many sources in order to attract potential employees.

Using too many sources is burning out Sister Mary and taking time away from her other duties. It also is causing unnecessary cost to St. Vincent’s. When you examine exhibit 2. 9 in the text you can calculate that 67% of the individuals who accepted a job with St. Vincent’s came from 3 sources, internet applications, university programs, and employee referrals. I believe that St. Vincent’s can eliminate the other sources and keep the cost down and let Sister Mary focus on her other duties. Improvements in the Recruitment Process If you examine exhibit 2. 0 in Nkomo (Fottler, M & McAfee, R, 2011) you see that St. Vincent’s needs improvements in the following areas, the negative perception of the recruiter and the lack of timely follow-up. 12 candidates declined jobs due to the negative perception of the recruiter and 13 people declined due to the lack of timely follow-up. I believe that St. Vincent’s had poor follow-up and a negative recruiter. That has caused possible good employees to turn down job offers. I think St. Vincent’s should educate their recruiter and commit to a timeline for follow-up. Interview Questions Based on KSAOs

Why do you want to work in our hospital? This nursing job requires training and experience in trauma. Tell me how your training and experience fulfill this requirement. What are the most important skills a nurse should have? Describe a difficult situation you’ve been in and the process you went through to solve it. Resources Mathis, Robert L. & Jackson, John H. (2011). Human Resource Management, 13th Edition, South-Western, Cengage Learning. Nkomo; Fottler; McAfee (2011). Human Resource Management Applications, 7th Edition, South-Western, Cengage Learning.



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