Muzon Bagong Pag-Asa Multi-Purpose Cooperative

November 28, 2017 General Studies

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMS Barangay Muzon of City of San Jose del Monte in Bulacan is one of the barangay with a big population. People lived there need a good and stable job to support their everyday needs. That’s why Barangay Muzon made a program that will help the needs of the people of their Barangay in terms of financial needs. One of their programs they made is the “Muzon Bagong Pag-asa Multi-Purpose Cooperative”. It is a cooperative that provides financial assistant to those who are in need.

The project has its limitations and it is not sufficient to fulfill all their needs, but still it’s a way to help decrease the poverty of barangay muzon. Now on their 10th year, now having 471 members and still counting . There is no doubt that the process of inputting records data is not that easy. The process they are using right now is manual. For example, if they want to search for a certain information about a member, they will do is to go and search that big pile of folders which is a huge time waster. nother example is searching for accounts that is already due. With having a automated system, all this time waster will be solved. searching for a members information will be just a few clicks away. creating a list of accounts with dues will be effortless. DESCRIPTION OF THE SYSTEM This system will automate all the transactions of Muzon Bagong Pagasa Multipurpose Cooperative including the Membership application and Savings Account, the client will normally fill up the form and pass it to the teller/admin will encode the client’s information the system.

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Loan Application, the client must have the initial/shared capital before he/she fill up the form and the admin will encode it to the system. Credit Payment, the client must go to the cooperative to pay their credit then the admin will encode the amount to the system and it will automatically print the receipt. The receipt contains the amount paid, date and time, account name and number, and balance. Monitoring of Payment Delinquency, can detect, send notices to their client thru Short Message Service (SMS) and update the client’s status of their account and the other programs. However, when the ue date of payment falls on weekends and holidays the notice will be sent two days before the said date. In Employees Salary the program will automatically compute the salary of the employees by inputting their attendance. II. SCOPE AND LIMITATION SCOPE The primary objective of this program is to computerize or automate all the transactions of Muzon Bagong Pag-asa Multi-Purpose Coopertive such as: 0 Membership 0 Loan Application 0 Credit Payment 0 Monitoring of Payment Delinquency 0 Savings 0 Dispatching of Notice to delinquent members through Short Message Service 0 Employees Salary Printing Ability for specific data 0 It has a Web-Based portal where members can check their account details, balance, payment due dates and others . they can also check all the information about Muzon Bagong Pag-Asa Multipurpose Cooperative like what services they are offering and how will they avail it. 0 the Web-Based Portal can be accessed on all OS as long they have an internet connection 0 This system will generate daily reports for the following : ¦ Payment collected for the whole day All clients who paid their loan and who did not 0 It has an Audit Trail for the monitoring of Log-In and Log-out of all the user 0 Back-Up Plan III. LIMITATION Our program shows the modernization of all the transaction of Muzon Bagong Pag-asa Multi-Purpose Coop. On the other hand, all programs have their limitations. In this project the limits are the following , It cannot accept application for membership online, and it still requires signatures for specific documents. And it also not working when it was not operated by a specified administrator or a user who knows how to operate the program. .


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