Psychology And Indigenous Australians Education Essay

September 27, 2017 Psychology

Throughout this class I hope to derive a wide cognition of Indigenous Australia every bit good as the people. I believe that an apprehension, in relation to Indigenous Australian, is a nucleus piece of cognition everyone in Australia should be familiar with. At this current phase I am unfamiliar with a thorough apprehension sing traditional Australian Indigenous civilizations, the psychological impact of colonisation and attitudes between Indigenous and Western civilizations, all of this which this class supplies. As I inspire to be a qualified psychologist, I believe this cognition will be a positive property to my profession when holding a assisting relationship with a client of Autochthonal civilization in the hereafter.

Positive links were ever made between myself and Autochthonal Aussies, such as Autochthonal AFL football participants and beautiful Indigenous art. However in contrast, I remember Autochthonal people populating throughout the metropolis ‘s Parkss which used to concern me and Autochthonal people being shamed throughout the media and stereotyped as “ rummies ” . I now comprehend all these memories are really negative and really dejecting, something I was incognizant at a immature age.

I remember a school jaunt to ‘Tandanya National Aboriginal Culture Institution ‘ where we had several Indigenous group leaders. The whole experience was non merely positive but besides interesting. Looking back on it, the attempt of familiarising us ( immature pupils ) with the Autochthonal civilizations was a great enterprise by the instructor.

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It was really apparent that Autochthonal Australians are really cultural enriched, influenced by the school jaunt I attended. I besides used to bask the dreamtime narratives shared at school, all with really wise hidden messages. I found Indigenous Australian people to be the same as any other Australian.

What do you think/perceive and experience approximately Autochthonal Australians now? ( approx 25 words )

I feel that every individual should be treated every bit, whether Autochthonal Australian or of a different civilization, sing that Australia today is really diverse. I believe it ‘s really of import now-days to admit the land we meet on before a formal meeting as it ‘s really respectful.

Comprehension of Reading

Get down this subdivision by analysing:

Reading 1.1 -Clay, R.A. ( 2002 ) “ Helping a Stolen Generation ” in Monitor on Psychology

Respond to the undermentioned inquiries:


Harmonizing to Clay ‘s article, what contributed to psychologists ‘ turning involvement in Indigenous issues?

One of the chief issues that caught the attending of many psychologists, triping involvement, was the upseting statistics on Indigenous mental wellness throughout Australia.

Second Autochthonal Australians felt they wanted to be in control of the mental wellness system, taking a motion. To make so, many Autochthonal Australians themselves took on psychological preparation.

Last psychologists ( non of Autochthonal civilization ) started to acknowledge how racist their ain profession ‘s attitude really was when associating to Indigenous Australians. This so encouraged many psychologists to take an involvement in working with Indigenous Australian clients successfully.

( approx 75 words )

Why did psychologists apparently “ acquire perfectly nowhere ” when trying to handle an Autochthonal individual in pattern?

Experience was missing in psychologists, hence when seeking to handle an autochthonal client many would handle in either a psychiatric ward or integrated into the northern Autochthonal civilization.

Psychologists have besides been trained/ taught in the Western theoretical account of intercession hence when applied to an Autochthonal Australian client, they ‘re wholly equal to run into the demands of the client.

( approx 50 words )

What does psychologist, Patricia Dudgeon say non-Indigenous psychologists should make in order to work efficaciously with Autochthonal Aussies?

Psychologist Patricia Dudgeon believes that when you ‘re working with a individual with a diverse civilization, you as the psychologist must look into their cultural beliefs. However at the same clip you have to be cognizant of your ain personal values, ideas and attitudes. Dudgeon besides feels developing Autochthonal Australians as a psychologist is of import. I believe it ‘s a valuable property to the psychological science profession holding Autochthonal Australians professionally trained as it non merely shows the profession has changed their racialist positions but besides Indigenous Australian clients may experience more comfy seeking professional aid.

( approx 50 words )

Week 2 – Cultural Competence

You as a Psychologist – Comprehending Concepts

Get down this subdivision by analysing:

Reading 2.1 – Weaver, H. ( 1999 )

“ Autochthonal Peoples and the Social Work Profession: Defining Culturally Competent Services ”

This reading is in relation to a survey conducted in the US to specify culturally competent services in order for the societal work profession to react more efficaciously when working with Native Americans.

See this article in the context of Australia and the psychological science profession and respond to the undermentioned inquiries:


What 3 countries of competency were identified for a practician to develop, in order to go ‘culturally competent ‘ working with Autochthonal people?

Besides, farther discuss each of these 3 countries as outlined in the reading.

Three countries mentioned are…


Knowledge can be segmented into 3 facets:

Diversity Knowledge of the practician is needed as they must be cognizant Indigenous Australian beliefs, values, traditions and spiritualty is diverse throughout all autochthonal cultural groups in Australia. It must be recognized nevertheless that a client is an single and may experience more or less about their ain civilization.

History Knowledge is about familiarize oneself with Autochthonal history such as Torahs, the consequence of laden issues and racial favoritism,

Cultural Knowledge encourages practicians to handle persons by their ain individuality instead that identified by a cultural group. Although diverseness spreads throughout each Australian Indigenous cultural group, each preponderantly has a common base of importance for household, the seniors in the group, tradition and spiritualty. The practician must understand the civilization 100 % .

Contemporary Knowledge is being knowing of the present fortunes including single, household and group places and duty of Autochthonal Australians. Taken in history must be the emphasis, loss and injury from their lives yet must besides foreground the optimistic fortunes.

Skill: The Practitioner themselves must develop and set into pattern certain accomplishments enabling to be culturally competent when working with an Autochthonal Australian client. Skills included are being an effectual job convergent thinker, communicator and a dependable hearer. Bing engaged in the client, with forbearance, will forestall disrupting the session.

Valuess: It ‘s an duty for the practician to stand land and be familiar with their ain positions, attitudes and values while maintaining them out of the professional/client relationship. Being unfastened minded, respectful and keeping from judgement are all needed to be exercised as they must appreciate other values that might nevertheless belie the practician ‘s ain. A preparedness and enthusiastic privation to larn must be indicated.

( This subdivision approx 150 words )

Summarise in your ain words, the construct of ‘cultural competency ‘ as it relates to the profession of psychological science: ( approx 50 words )

Cultural competency depends on an extended cognition of cultural groups ( in this instance Indigenous Australians ) and mixing so with psychological science accomplishments. The professional ( s ) nevertheless must be witting of their ain ethical motives, beliefs and bias. The consequences of this will be holding a more ethnically, comfy and successful psychologist ( or assisting professional ) /client association.

In the Australian context, what do you believe psychological science alumnuss should cognize in order to develop effectual curative relationships with Autochthonal Aussies? ( approx 50 words )

Effective curative relationships with Autochthonal Australians and psychology alumnuss all starts with the alumnus ‘s ain cognition and apprehension of the client ‘s cultural history, values, beliefs and ethical motives. They besides must maintain their ain values, beliefs, stereotypes, prejudices and overall positions from the assisting state of affairs, enabling the alumnuss to hold an unfastened position and head.

Can you place what your countries of development may be in order to go a culturally competent practician? ( approx 50 words )

Areas of development in order for myself to go a culturally competent practician consists of deriving an apprehension of Indigenous Australian civilization and every bit good as a echt grasp for it. This includes the cultural beliefs, values, autochthonal history and the present fortunes. Bing unfastened minded, respectful, knowing, non-judgmental and with a general privation to larn will do the experience for myself effectual.


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