Child Abuse

Child Abuse

There are millions of children being abused every year. Child abuse doesn?t necessarily have to be physical, it can be mental, emotional, or sexual abuse; it can even be neglect. Abuse doesn?t only affect the child being abused, but it also affects the people witnessing the abuse. Child abuse can affect the child in many different ways. The worst way the child can be affected is suicide.
Every child abuse case is different in its own way. Child abuse can lead to problems and suffering, but it is not always that simple. Every child will have a different way of dealing with it that they think is all right because they have been raised only knowing this. Common effects of child abuse include: Nightmares or difficulty sleeping; low self-esteem; antisocial behavior, including rebelliousness or running away; increased hostility; or aggression. Feelings of fear, shame, anger, guilt, anxiety, or confusion are often found in a child that is being abused. The child will tend to stay away from other children and play by himself.
A child that is abused will most likely be abused until they are a teenager and will usually find themselves in an abusive relationship later in life,

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