Child Abuse

September 21, 2016 General Studies

Child Abuse

Children Need Love to Thrive

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Babies, how can one not love them, with their chubby cheeks, big eyes, and their simple innocence Although most people feel this way, there are a small but growing number of people who cannot, or are not willing to take proper care of a child. There are many factors that contribute to this form of abuse known as neglect in children; such factors may be environmental, physical, or emotional. This unwillingness to care for a child is not only looked down upon in humanity, but is an immensely important part in developing the emotions one needs to function on a societal level. Unfortunately, it is the child who receives the damaging consequences. Even when a child has its primary needs met such as: food, water, shelter, and clothing there is still another important requirement love. Love and nurturing are necessary. Some of the characteristics that love and bonding help to develop are self-reliance, how to cope with stress and frustration, attainment of full intellectual potential, and many other fundamental developments (Magid and Mckelvey, 59). Children who receive love and physical contact from a paternal figure are physically and emotionally healthier then those who are deprived of

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