Child Development

September 23, 2016 General Studies

Child Development

Child Development

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As children grow older they go through a process labeled as child development. Child development is defined as the discipline devoted to the understanding of all aspects of human development from birth to adolescence. Child development is more or less a new field of study and that is because of the viewpoints of children that were predominant before. For instance, historical perspectives influenced the view of children as miniature adults and burdens. The perspective of them as miniature adults were present more so in the middle ages when children were treated like adults, such as in their style of dress, their responsibility of work and sometimes even marriage and monarchy. The other perspective was of children being burdens instead of blessings. They were considered burdens because before modern day contraceptives, many children were unplanned for and unwanted, they only represented another mouth to feed and back to clothe. As times progressed though the view began to change thanks to psychologists and new laws that protected the welfare of children. Also, an influence on the field of child development was philosophies of the moral nature and development of children. Three major philosophies were original sin, the view of children being

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