Child Molesters Who Abduct

September 24, 2016 General Studies

Child Molesters Who Abduct

Abduction is a frightening crime for both the victims and the parents alike. The panic and helplessness that comes with the knowledge that your child is missing is overwhelming. Child molesters, who abduct, can be defined by four criteria. The age of the victim they take (child), Motivation for abduction (molestation), Type of offense (abduction), The Relationship between offender and the victim.
From a motive perspective, abductions can be divided into six broad categories.
? Nontraditional ? Where very young children are abducted predominately by a woman to fill a perceived void in the offender?s life.
? Ransom ? Children abducted to obtain financial benefit from the victim?s family.
? Profit ? children abducted to obtain financial benefit from a third party.
? Sexual ? children abducted primarily for the sexual gratification of the offender.
? Killing ? Children abducted to be killed by the offender, for some individuals, the act of killing itself brings arousal and / or gratification.
? Miscellaneous Criminal ? Children abducted for a wide variety of reasons related to criminal activity. Common examples include crimes such as stealing a vehicle with a child in it, taking a child hostage to facilitate escape, abducting a child in retaliation for a

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