September 24, 2016 General Studies


Divorce has become the alternative to an unhappy marriage for so many Americans in today?s society. Many times the life in the family has become so unbearable that divorce seems to be the only answer. However, married couples are often not the only ones who feel the effects of a parental separation. Some forty percent of all children will experience a parental separation or divorce before reaching adulthood (Amato 1269). Children of divorce experience the consequences of divorce and develop different coping strategies, which has brought up studies and other tools useful in helping deal with society?s divorce-stricken youth.
Every year, over one million children are involved in new divorce cases (Walter, et al. 79). It is estimated today that nearly half of all first-time marriages will fizzle out. In the mid nineteen hundreds, only about five percent of all marriages ended in divorce (Amato 1269). Divorce in the family marks the beginning of an uncertain future for children (Walter, et al. 74).
In the nineteen-eighties, the effects of divorce on children declined from the earlier decades. Researchers say that this is most likely due to the fact that divorce has

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