Autism Whats wrong with my Child

September 25, 2016 Teaching

Autism:Whats wrong with my Child

What is Wrong with Your Child : Autism as a Social Problem

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What is a social problem An easy way to describe my definition of a social problem is to believe a social problem is a controversial issue, which effects or has ability to effect a great percentage of the population. It is an issue that has the potential to be solved, however takes government intervention and the help of the surrounded environment to come to a conclusion. Social problems are usually surrounded and intertwined with smaller issues or problems. Problems like this usually get a lot of press/news coverage, which may lead to public demonstrations either for or against the issue at hand. They also have a long history of controversy; social problems do not just appear out of the woodwork. Autism is one of our societies Health problems. It has molded from a health issue, to a large Social problem.

Most frequently asked question by everyone is, “What is Autism” Autism is a severely incapacitating life long developmental disability that mostly appears in the first three years of life.
Autism can occur in as many as 22 of every 10,000 births in the United States and affects close to 400,000 Americans.

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