Road Rage-Auto Anarchy

September 26, 2016 General Studies

Road Rage-Auto Anarchy


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Thesis: Road rage and aggressive driving are prevalent hazards on American roads; more measures should be taken to stop this dangerous trend.
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Short story involving a dispute during drivers ed where the teacher became so enraged that he ordered the student to give chase, which ended with an assault.
B. Road rage and aggressive driving outweighs drunk driving; it is at or near the top of todays traffic safety concerns.
C. There are not enough laws regulating these problems.
II. What is road rage
A. Road rage is aggressive driving behaviors that contribute to fatal crashes.
B. Road rage causes people to behave irrationally.
C. Road rage is more extreme than aggressive driving and much more rare.
1.) Experts use the term to refer to physical assaults stemming from traffic
III. What are the causes
A. Experts blame increasingly crowded roads.
1.) There are more cars and number of drivers while only 1% more roads
have been built.
B. Some believe road rage reflects a society that is increasingly becoming
C. Some say it

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