Automobile-Their Effect on Our Lives

September 26, 2016 General Studies

Automobile-Their Effect on Our Lives

Automobiles- Their Effect on our Lives

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If we didn?t have automobiles, then our lives would be very different and maybe even difficult.
If we didn?t have automobiles, then you would probably have to walk and it would be longer getting to where you wanted to go.
Automobiles also put out toxic fumes that pollute our air.
If we didn?t have automobiles, then there would be a lot of places we would not be able to see. Automobiles are a big opportunity for us.
Automobiles are also used for fun things like entertainment. You can listen to radios in them and also the Nascar industry. People racecars for a living and some mechanics fix them for a living.
There is also a danger in them. Have you ever heard the saying

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