September 28, 2016 Communication


?If you disobey me and leave, don?t plan on coming back anytime soon.? ?I won?t, don?t worry about that!? I yelled back at my father as I swung open the door to my house for what would be the last time for a couple years. ?Leave the key too,? he ordered, ?Save me the trouble of changing the locks!? After I heard that, I turned and fired my key as hard as I could towards the door. By the time my eyes caught up to the where I had thrown it, I had struck him right between the eyes. The yelling and shouting stopped and I took off running to my friend?s house.
The argument had been going on for the past three years. It was an ongoing struggle. Ever since I had been about fifteen or so, we had stopped talking all together. I had my own thoughts and views of the world and I was tired of having to listen to his two cents about everything. Since we did not talk, the only time we did would be during a fight. Yelling and shouting were our only forms of communication. It was if we would look to go

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