Coming Of Age . Greasy Lake By T.Coraghessen Boyle

September 29, 2016 Young People

Coming Of Age . Greasy Lake By T.Coraghessen Boyle

People ?come of age? differently. The short story ?Greasy Lake? by T.Coraghessen Boyle, is certainly a story about coming of age, which revolves around lessons learned the extremest, harshest and toughest ways. The story is specific and universal at the same time. The characters are upper-middle-class young people who realize their natural selves through events which happened due to their careless behaviour and distraction of their ideals.
People are different and their reactions to life?s events are different as well. There are two types of people: people who get life?s experience from somebody else?s mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and people who learn from their own experience, making their own mistakes. The last ones are stupid enough not to accept the life experience of others. To come to the realization they need something really bad, which is out of the ordinary, to happen to them. How different people come of age depends not only on age, but also on certain circumstances, such as having a family or being an orphan or previous life experience. Due to those factors different events might be significant

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