September 30, 2016 Communication


Men and Women communicate different when it comes to same sex conversation,

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which in turn my lead to communication problems, especially when it comes to marriage.

Men (in general) don?t talk about one topic for a very long time. Men might talk about

two or three topics, but women on the other hand can talk about one topic for hours on

end. When men are listening to a friend?s problem are expected to offer a solution to the

problem, or else what?s the point of mentioning the problem. When it comes to women

they just want their problems heard, and someone just to listen, and not fix the problem.

They simply want to vent their feelings. I recently read two articles, ?His Talk, Her

Talk?, and, ?Man to Man, Woman to Woman,? which has to do with some of these


The first of the two articles that I read, which was, ?His Talk, Her Talk,? was

about Joyce Maynard, the author of the article?s experience with problems of

communication. In her article she say?s that it wouldn?t be correct to think

stereotypically in these modern times when it comes to men

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