Communication Process

September 30, 2016 Communication

Communication Process


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To be able to compete in a growing world economy, we as current and future mangers need to embrace diversity and it?s impact in our professional live. Diversity in the work environment will expose all of us in contact with other people of different vastly backgrounds. We all have the need to develop new skills and the understanding of other cultures to be able to compete within the workforce. Building a workforce through diversity has become part of the mainstream strategy for many companies. Working in teams in both the work environment and academia are a critical new aspect of our ever-changing world. Work groups are becoming more and more diverse and it is becoming increasingly important for business organizations to embrace diversity as well as to understand and manage it. The perspectives of working together successfully requires team members to meet the challenge of learning to effectively communicate and develop together for a common goal.

Communication Process
The communication process in the workplace can range from simplex to complex. Simplex communication can be as simple as asking for a status of the a project, to the very

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