Since the beginning of human history people lived together in communities; therefore, they needed system of organization. They started living in tribes with a leader who was the most capable member of the tribe. This lead to advanced systems of organization and it was developing into new ways how to manage specific groups of people. As the time passed people lived in bigger groups which needed new ways of governing people. These were the times in ancient history of human kind with big kingdoms ruled by kings with absolute power, supported by small group of people called aristocracy. During the ages people were developing new ideas how to rule and they developed new systems trying to find better and equal ways how to rule. As the people started to be more educated they tried to change their destiny and to be able to decide what the majority wants. So the first system which was considered to be equal for everybody was republic practiced in ancient Rome. After these experiments people lived for a long time under pressure of aristocrats where there were no chances for people to make decisions who would rule them. They often tried to change things by

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