Communism Vs. Democracy

October 1, 2016 General Studies

Communism Vs. Democracy

Communism vs. Democracy

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Lately, we have been hearing about different governments. Whether it is on television, in a magazine, or on the internet. Communism has been one of the main subjects talked about. It has been compared to our government, a democracy.
Literally, communism means any theory or system of common ownership of property. It can be a authoritarian government, which doesn?t have complete control, but they control public life, or it?s a totalitarian government, which controls everything. Communism only has one party, with a small minority controlling political power.
On the other side, a democracy is a government by the people, directly, or through representatives. It is competitive with different parties and has a political accountability. With a constitution, a small minority doesn?t control the political power.
In a communist nation, people do not have political freedom and people do not have self-determination. They have to do what the government says, or they are put in prison or executed. They are also not allowed to bad mouth the government at all. There is more poverty and pollution and a lower standard of living in a communist nation, too.
In an opposite, democratic

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