Community Service

October 2, 2016 Nursing

Community Service

When I went to the Delano District Skilled Nursing Facility, I can say that it made me realize how much fun the elderly people can have with people who have no relation to them. I remember going to the DDSNF last February for Valentines Day with other members from my club and the Delano Matulungin Lions Club. There were these two elderly women who were bestfriends that always had each other?s company. To them it did not matter where or who they were with as long as they were together. It just made me smile when we gave roses to them for Valentines Day and to see how happy they were when we actually entertained them with a couple of songs.
I also remember on Thanksgiving day, the Leo?s and Lion?s Club went around Delano, Earlimart, and Richgrove distributing food baskets to families who could not afford or even have

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