Bad Influences on TV

October 2, 2016 Media

Bad Influences on TV

Good and bad points always accompany any man-made invention. Television and other media have caused unnecessary violence and effected the children of the entire country. Television causes violence in children. It also inspires harmful behavior in adults. Some say that television programs do not contribute to the violence, just depict it. Children mimic what they see. Clearly violence is infecting the minds of the world with suggestive ideas. Although some say that television violence is the effect of actual violence, surely actual violence is also the effect of television violence. Now the question is how TV violence affects children. When children see too much violence they become desensitized to it and/or imitate it. They may also gain a distorted worldview.
The media should take more initiative in this pressing issue. Parents cannot always be watching their children and the media should be doing what they can to help American citizens better themselves and their children. The government has conflicting priorities. If they want less violence in the United States they should start censoring what the nation is seeing. They are just sending out reminders of what they do not want. Although many people believe that parents should control the censorship of

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