Condoms Vs Abstinence

October 3, 2016 Teaching

Condoms Vs Abstinence

CONDOM DISTRIBUTION VS. ABSTINENCE IN SCHOOLS Sexual Education was introduced to the American Public School System in 1913, at the beginning of this century. Superintendent of Schools, Ella Flagg Young promoted the teaching of sex education, and implemented sex hygiene lectures in the Chicago, IL, school system. The goal then was to reduce social problems such as venereal disease and prostitution by educating the public about sex. Now, in the last year of the 20th century, goals are different, but the conflicting opinions on sexual education are still going strong. Health promotion goals for teenagers include postponement of sexual activity until psychosocial maturity and consistent use of condoms by those who do engage in sexual intercourse. Most people agree with these goals to a certain degree. However the tension arises when methods of meeting these goals are discussed. The following report explains some of the biggest issues dwelling around how public schools should teach sexual education. The two main options discussed are teaching abstinence, and condom distribution. Throughout the United States, school districts and states are basing their policies around these two ideas. The importance of this issue is very significant. Over the last century, our statistics for teen health

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