October 4, 2016 General Studies



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Connecticut?s original pre-Columbian inhabitants included the western
Niantic, Nipmuc, and wappinger Indians. The Connecticut River gave the
area its name, a Mohican word meaning ?the long river?.
European settlement began in 1633 when Dutch fur merchants from
hew Netherlands placed a trading post at modern Hartford. English Puritans
founded towns at Windsor and wethersfeild in of that year. In 1637, rev.
Thomas Hooker brought his Puritan congregation form Cambridge,
Massachusetts, to settle at Hartford, which the Dutch had abandoned.
Therefore founding the colony of Connecticut.
Tensions with the Pequot escalated following the death of nine
English mariners in 1634. these tensions resulted in Massachusetts sending a
punitive expedition to punish that tribe in August 1636 two Indian villages
were burned. Connecticut militia joined with the Piquot?s Indian enemies in
a war that killed probably 40% of the 2,000 Pequot in 1637, compared to
only 50 out of the 800 militia.
Hartford, Windsor, and wethersfeild agreed on January 24, 1639, to
govern themselves by the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. This frame of
government established a legislature and court system . By 1662 fifteen other
towns founded in the Connecticut valley had adopted the Fundamental
Orders, which were never confirmed by a royal charter. Congregationalism
receive legal protection as the colony?s established

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