October 5, 2016 Law


The legal system dealing with juveniles is controversial because they have several different parts to them. There?s the sentencing, the death penalty, being held accountable for their actions, and other things. It?s controversial because it deals with children and deciding the rest of their lives at times.
Lately we?ve seen more and more juveniles committing crimes. They?re the ones killing people nowadays and a lot of them are getting off. They aren?t being held accountable for their actions because they?re to young. The law says that if you?re under 10 years old and you commit a crime, you can?t be held accountable for your actions. I believe that?s true in some cases but in other cases, it?s wrong. If a little kid, who?s under 10 years old, commits some small crime then I can understand where he?s not held accountable. If someone kills someone, I don?t care how old he or she is, they should be held accountable. Other times, the lawyers pleads a bad home life to help get the juvenile off. The lawyer makes the juvenile the victim, instead of the culprit. I think

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