Corporal Punishment

October 5, 2016 Teaching

Corporal Punishment

Teachers that use corporal punishment, children that don?t know what country they live in, and a school board that does not care about learning; this does not sound like a quality education. These examples go against what Pat Conroy believes to be a productive learning experience. Conroy?s book ?The Water is Wide? reveals his ideas about education through his unique teaching methods and style.
In the fist few chapters of the book Conroy begins to develop unique styles for teaching the children of Yamacraw. Conroy realizes from his past experience as an educator that the best way to begin a school year is to put the students at complete ease. His method to loosen the students up is to joke with them. However, the students do not respond well to this unfamiliar method. Conroy decides to take a more teacherable approach. After asking the students several questions he begins to realize the extent of the problems that plague the children of Yamacraw Island.
Conroy develops a method of teaching to cure the children of their lack of knowledge. The method he chooses is similar to a pep rally. During

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