Cult Killings

October 8, 2016 Religion

Cult Killings

Cult Killings

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In the last twenty years there has been about twenty million people have in one way or another been involved in a cult. Cults are groups organized around Christian religious beliefs, Hindu and Eastern religion, witchcraft or Satanism, Zen, flying saucers, politics or self-improvement. Cults are usually held together by a charismatic leader who mobilizes their loyalty around some new religious cause typically a cause that is at odds with that of more conventional religious institutions. New religious groups that have not yet been widely accepted- whether benign or dangerous could be considered a cult.
In modern days the word cult is taken much more lightly. Some cults recruit in deceptive ways, they lure students with promises of parties? popularity, and once they have the people at there location they attempt to convert the recruited people. Traditional religious groups do not have use misleading tactics. Cults become more appealing to people that want to belong to something almost like a family. Cults do have something to do with the calendar year, because at the end of every century cult form to pronounce the end of the world.
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