Culural Landscapes A Summary Of Pierce F. Lewis?s Axioms Fo

October 9, 2016 Cultural

Culural Landscapes: A Summary Of Pierce F. Lewis?s Axioms For Reading Landscapes

Why does the average American homeowner work so hard, or hire someone, to manicure patches of grass and trees within their properties. Is it a matter of taste, subjective and unimportant, or is there something in our psyche that makes them desire to fit into the suburban culture. In Lewis?s work he makes the argument that no part of our cultural landscape is unintentional, and in fact has deep and various roots in our culture.
He breaks down some of the basic reasons and factors into what he calls his axioms. That is things that he sees as basic and self evident. The basic point of these axioms is that the culture of any nation or area is unintentionally reflected in its ordinary landscape. Roads, cities, farms, and malls all reflect investments of our money and there for tend to follow patterns already established in our psyche. In this section he also explains that as cultures grow and border each other, or members of cultures move, there is the inevitable blending or converging of landscapes.
In addition there is no one area or item of landscape that is more important than another. He compares them to tips of an iceberg, all

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