Daily Deviance;s Base

October 10, 2016 Teaching

Daily Deviance;s Base

Daily Deviance?s Base
The medium of television has had a drastic change on the communication of our society. From television, our society has developed what we consider pop culture. In it?s beginning?s, television, portrayed society from an idealist?s standpoint. Television producers thought they had the responsibility of creating idealistic family?s and lives, from which society could gather what should be ?normal?. However, over the course of the last half century, television has grown drastically in its influence, and what programming is about. The programs of yesteryear promoted family values, loyalty, and love. Today?s programs promote promiscuous sex, violence, and cheating to get your way. Not that television is totally to blame, but, it has certainly played the largest role of any medium in what our society considers deviance, and normalcy.
In the 1950?s television programming was aimed at families. After a long day at work or school, a family could sit down together after dinner, and enjoy an hour of television together. At least that was the theory anyway. Programs were aimed at the entire family, teaching values to children while still entertaining adults. Programs such as ?Leave it

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