Date And Acquaintance Rape

October 11, 2016 Education

Date And Acquaintance Rape

Date and Acquaintance Rape

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Date rape and acquaintance rapes are forms of sexual assault. Rape has been to a greater extent recognized as a somewhat common problem within society. ?Although the early and mid 1970?s saw the emergence of education and mobilization to compact rape, it was not until the early 1980?s that acquaintance rape began to assume a more distinct form in the public conscious.?(1) I feel women do not really comprehend the troubles with rape today. No one deserves to be raped. Being in a man?s house or car does not mean that a woman has decided to have sex with him. Women are often raped by typical acquaintances that resemble ?common guys.? Rape occurs when one is forced to have sex with against their will, whether they have determined to fight back or not. ?Everyone?s right to say ?no? should be honored, regardless of the activity which preceded it.?(1) ?Communication is the most important avenue to understanding another person?s desires and needs–often the rapist will ignore the women?s attempts at communication, will misinterpret them and continue his actions or will realize what the women is trying to say but will decide

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