Date Rape

October 11, 2016 Education

Date Rape

Health Promotion : Date Rape Drugs The issue of substances used to facilitate date rape is one that deserves a great deal of attention. Over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in reports of drug misuse leading to sexual assault. It is necessary for everyone to be aware of the general threat of substance misuse and what to do if they think that they have been drugged. It is also important that people know how to keep a look out for drinks that have been tampered with so that they can take the appropriate measures to make sure that these drinks are not consumed. For these reasons, I believe that a health promotion program needs to be planned and implemented to address these issues and combat the problem of date rape. I have planned a program which follows the Comprehensive Health Education Model and which is grounded in the Social Cognitive Theory. It is based on extensive research that I have summarized below on the topic of date rape drugs and their effects. Sedating substances are used to enhance the effects of alcohol and/or other drugs and to diminish inhibitions. Although there are many sedating substances linked with

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