Date Rape

October 11, 2016 General Studies

Date Rape

In a perfect world all men would be caring, respectful, and protective. We do not live in a perfect world and women need to understand their responsibility to themselves and the risks against them today. Think to yourself, who are the important women in your life Maybe sisters, mothers, daughters, or girlfriends. Today, statistics say one in four women will become a victim of rape. (Warshaw 11 ) This is scary to think twenty five percent of the women in your life will become a victim of this crime. It is even more shocking that seventy eight percent of these rapes happen on dates or by acquaintances making it more common than left- handiness, heart attacks or alcoholism. These rapes are no recent campus fad or the fantasy of a few jilted females. They are real and are happening all around us. (12) It is important to understand the problem so more rapes will be reported and women will not be afraid to stand up for themselves. This paper will discuss what date rape is, where it commonly occurs and the substances involved, prevention, the myths and realities, warning signs in a relationship, and what to do if this happens

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