Dating In 2003

October 11, 2016 Engineering

Dating In 2003

My girlfriends & I are single women, so dating is a big part of our lives. We?ve attempted to meet eligible men in several different ways. We frequently visited single bars, reluctantly went on blind dates and we have desperately tried internet dating. There also has been occasions that we would spend hours in the grocery store after hearing it was a promising place to meet single men. Looking back on all of our dating experiences; dating men who we worked with ended up having the worst consequences.

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A couple of years ago, I worked at an engineering firm. I was on the shy side, so I didn?t engage in many conversations with my male co-workers. Dave, a handsome engineer who I worked closely with, approached me one morning and asked me out to dinner. Very excited, I accepted the offer. Unfortunately, after the dinner date, I had decided that I would rather not continue to date him.

The next morning at work I felt extremely uncomfortable. I found myself avoiding Dave as much as possible. I started feeling nervous with the thoughts of him asking me out on another date. By that afternoon, he did approach me and he asked me

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