It might seem like someone?s dream to have numerous wives or husbands to care for you and to fulfill all of your physical needs, but is that really the best way to go I don?t think so, monogamy is. Marriage is an intensely special bond that should be shared between only two people.
Jealousy is primary problem in polygamous relationships. ?I have been a little jealous. My husband and I are looking for a second wife. I sometimes feel like I?m being put on the back burner. Jealousy is the monster that sometimes rears its ugly head.? (3coins.com) The husband might give more attention to one of his wives thus making the others jealous. The wives time with their husband is shared with however many other wives he may have. She may only have them for one night a week. Also, the husband probably isn?t going to be equally committed to all of his wives even though he might say he will. There is no way that he could love all of his wives just the same.
For the sake of the children, having just one mom and one dad would be the

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