Drinking And Driving

By October 31, 2016 Sports

Drinking And Driving

I was particularly motivated to write about the cause and effect of driving under the influence of alcohol. Drinking and driving is a very serious issue that the world can do without. Thousands of Americans are either injured or killed each year as a result of ignorant people making simply one life-threatening bad decision. I feel as though alcohol related car crashes are the most preventable crime in the country. If you feel like consuming alcohol, do not drive. When I read in the headlines of the daily newspaper, ?Three Killed in Alcohol Related Car Crash?, it makes me so angry because I can almost guarantee that the people killed in the crash would still be living today if the driver were merely sober. Reading through the article, I become more and more irritated. An ignorant drunk man decided that he was sober enough to get behind the wheel of his massive sports utility vehicle. The man casually started his vehicle and took off mindlessly down the empty streets, or so he thought. Before the man realized that he should not be driving in the state that he was in, he crashed into a vehicle with three unsuspecting passengers. The

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