Drinking And Driving

Drinking And Driving

Impaired Driving = the operation of a motor vehicle by a person whose ability to operate it is impaired by alcohol or a drug. In the case of alcohol, impairment is said to occur when the concentration of alcohol in the persons blood exceeds 80 milligrams in the 100 millilitres of blood.

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Offences Involving Motor Vehicles
It is generally the responsibility of the provincial government to regulate the use of roads and waterways within their jurisdiction. For example, speed limits, regulations regarding turns, and general “rules of the road” fall under the authority of each province. However, for those actions in which the use of a motor vehicle creates a risk of injury or death, the federal government uses its authority to make a federal law. The Criminal Code includes a number of offences addressing the use of motor vehicles, including: dangerous operation of a motor vehicle (s. 249); failure to stop when involved in an accident (s.252); driving while disqualified (s.259); and impaired operation of a motor vehicle (s. 253). Many of these Criminal Code offences are similar to offences outlined in provincial statutes; the Criminal Code offence is always considered a more serious one.

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