Esmeralda Santiago

November 11, 2016 Cultural

Esmeralda Santiago

This is a delightfully woven story of immense passion and unconquerable spirit. In this extraordinary autobiography, Santiago, an immigrant to New York from rural Puerto Rico, tells the story of her trials and triumphs, defeats and heart-aches in a unique concoction of vivid sensory detail.

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Santiago grew up in what her mami calls “savage” conditions, dutifully obeying her parents as they constantly move. Her greatest relocation occurred when a “metal bird” flew her, her mother and two of her siblings to the rough city of New York.

This book is the account of the maturing of an extraordinary woman who overcame barriers formed by hate, prejudice, cultural differences, puberty and heartaches to rise triumphantly.

Using words as her medium, Santiago paints a beautiful picture of her life. I smelled the spices and herbs emanating from the special Puerto Rican dishes her mami prepared. Mesmerized, I watched as her abuela delicately stitched her needlework. We laughed together and cried together, and I allowed my spirit to run free with hers. Santiago writes with such clarity and fierceness that it is impossible for any person not to see, feel and understand what she went through in her remarkable journey.

Santiagos unique style is easy to follow.

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