As time marches on into the twenty- first century, gambling has increasing
problem in the United States. The problem has affected the lives of many, often leading to
things like suicides. The problem with gambling today is it not taken as ?serious problem?
by the American . Most of the public knows that gambling is a serious addiction, that can
effect peoples lives. It is a problem that is continuing to grow in American.
People have no idea the permanent damage it can cause on a life.
There is a lot of danger in gambling and letting people know about so they can
get the proper help. There are book and new papers that write about the danger of
gambling. Local governments are believers in leaving the system the way it is. Its
estimated that the city of Las Vegas takes in over a billion dollars each year. They use the
money to build the city that open up both jobs and cheaper housing .Las Vegas is good to
the city but, they forgot to say what it does to the people that live there. We can have a
beautiful city, but when it causes

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