Gang Life

Gang Life

gang life

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Gang Life In life, teenagers and adult?s join gangs for difficulties in their life. They feel that they need a group of people to understand and support them through the rough stage of their life. In the novel, The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton Ponyboy is a fourteen-year-old boy who is a part of the gang called the greasers. His whole remaining family are greasers. Gang life can lead to death and trouble. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy is in a gang with all of the people he grew up with in the neighborhood, including his two brothers, Sodapop and Darry. In a fight against the socials, the enemy of the greasers, Ponyboy and another member of the greasers named Johnny were outnumbered five-two. In order to save Ponyboy?s life, Johnny killed a member of the socials named Bob. This proves that gang life can lead to death. After Johnny killed Bob, they went to their friend Dally to help them get out of their situation. Dally told them to go to an old abandoned church on the top of Jay Mountain. Dally told them to stay there until he got there. On the fifth day Dally got there

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