Grapevine Communication

December 8, 2016 Communication

Grapevine Communication

The most powerful communication tool in the workplace is the ?grapevine?. If manipulated properly, this form of communication can greatly benefit a company. If ignored, the grapevine can create havoc within an organization.
Astute managers have come to realize several aspects concerning the grapevine: The grapevine will never be eliminated, that it circulates information quickly and is oblivious to any damage it creates. One way to combat the potential destructive consequences of the inaccurate information is to take the time to listen to the grapevine instead of ignoring it. Once managers are aware of the content of the grapevine, they can head off potential problems by manipulating further grapevine communications by injecting factual information into the pipeline. This actually serves a dual purpose. It helps to keep managers informed on what issues are important to their employees and also keeps the managers aware of whether or not they are properly providing official information to their employees. In most cases, lack of company provided information is at the root of the problem for employees will often make up their own scenarios.
If the grapevine cannot be abolished, an organization must find ways to use it

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