Implementation Of Learning Management Education Essay


The intent of this survey is to measure the execution of the LMS among the pilot schools. The deduction of the survey will assist the Educational Technology Division to better the LMS before they could implement it throughout all public schools in Malaysia. The methodological analysis used in this survey is informations analyze utilizing activity study in Moodle and besides informal interveiws with the instructor that involved in this undertaking. The consequence shows that the pupil are ready for self-paced acquisition and the instruction and larning method that integrates with engineering has to alter based on the suitablity of the content. The school that will implement LMS subsequently, necessitate to be good equipped with the suited infrustrucrure such as hardware, package and maintainance and support. Ministry of Education with coaction with MAMPU and Educational Technology Division should be after exhaustively before the implemnetation to all schools in Malaysia.


E-learning in Malayan school started since 1972 with the debut of educational wireless and telecasting broadcast medium to schools. It has grown quickly after the launched of the Smart School in 1997. E-learning is defined as any type of mediation tools of larning utilizing electronic media like the Internet, CD-ROM, DVD, nomadic phones and others ( Husnayati Hussin, Fatimah Bunyarit & A ; Ramlah Hussein, 2009 ) .A Students are larning through e-learning system will see a important acquisition when the system is flexible, easy accessible, organized and designed to supply larning environments ( Khan, 2003 ) . Web-portals such as MySchoolNet, BestariNet, MyGFL are illustrations of e-learning developed by the Ministry of Education ( MOE ) to back up instruction and acquisition in the schoolroom ( Rohana Abd Rahman ) .

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Recently, MOE in coaction with The Malaysia Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit ( MAMPU ) has expanded the pilot undertaking for Learning Management System utilizing Moodle application from three schools in 2004 to 50 schools in 2009. This undertaking was being handled by Educational Technology Division, MOE. The aims of this undertaking are to fix an e-learning substructure in public schools, easy entree and usebility of MOE ‘s instruction and larning stuffs to schools such as Teaching Cadmium Courseware that was developed by the Curriculum Develepment Center ( CDC ) and besides to back up authorities purpose to wider the Open Source Software ( OSS ) use among authorities bureaus.

Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environmentis. It is an unfastened beginning package bundle for bring forthing internet-based and on-line classs. It is a free web application that allows pedagogues to creatively pull off their content in an online acquisition environment. LMS provides some build-in synergistic activities such as Quizes, Questionnaire, Chat, Forum, Wiki and others. It besides has the ability to supply some infinite for the pupils to upload their assignment and the pedagogues can easy track the pupil ‘s advancement within a seconds. It is to heighten instruction and acquisition and at the same clip to incorporate engineering in the schoolroom. It provides infinites for the pupils to join forces online and at the same clip, can developed pupil ‘s ego paced acquisition ( Liu, 2009 ) . Using LMS, it will alter the instructor ‘s function from being a instructor to a facilitator, therefore simplifying the instructor ‘s undertaking ( Wahyu Idrus & A ; Yahya Buntat ) .

MOE targeted to implement LMS to 10,000 schools in Malaysia after this pilot undertaking coating in 2013. Therefore, the aim of this survey is to measure the execution of the LMS among the pilot schools. The deduction of the survey will assist the Educational Technology Division to better the LMS before they could implement it throughout all public schools in Malaysia.


Some informal interview was conducted with two instructors that involved in this undertaking. They had presented during the Malayan Government Open Source Software Conference 2010 ( MyGOSSCON ) in Putrajaya International Convention Center ( PICC ) on the 2nd of November 2010. Other than that, the rating informations comes from the observation from the study analysis through cardinal waiter in Educational Technology Division.

The pilot schools received hardware, package, help desk for maintainance and support from MAMPU. Each school received 20 personal computing machine ( Personal computer ) that eqquiped with Ubuntu runing system, a Suse Linux waiter, a pressman and a scanner. Internet and Local Area Network besides provided for this school in order to transport out this undertaking. The preparation was organised by Educational Technology Division harmonizing to the part and each school has to direct 2 instructor ( one for the LMS admin, the other for the content direction trainer ) to this preparation. Each school was hoped to develop their ain LMS utilizing cardinal waiter they will hold to develop the content direction for each topic in the school. Even though the pilot undertaking starts in March 2009 but the preparation session for the schools merely given early of this twelvemonth. This statement was confirmed by one of the presenter in the MyGOSSCON 2010.


The consequence is divided into 2 subdivision. The first subdivision is about the analysis informations from the activity study from the cardinal waiter and the 2nd subdivision is the informal interview conducted, fundamentally from the persepective of the instructor who implemented the LMS in school.

The information collected is analysed at the national degree, categortised by the school type, school group, territory and capable division. Figure 1 below shows the distribution of the pilot schools based on the school type and province.


Primary School

Secondary School


Sekolah Menengah ( SM )

Sekolah Menengah Teknik ( SMT )

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama ( SMKA )

Sekolah Menengah ( Sains )

SM ( Sains )

WP Kuala Lumpur/WP Putrajaya/Selangor





















Negeri Sembilan




Figure 1: Distribution tabular array of LMS pilot schools17






Based on the above tabular array, the entire figure for this undertaking is 45 schools. This figure shows in the chief portal in Sistem Pengurusan Pembelajaran. Terengganu ‘s schools dominated the undertaking by 26 over 45 schools. The picks of the pilot school is the determination between MOE and MAMPU.

Activities since 11 months agoFigure 2 below shows the rating by national degree.

Figure 2: Evaluation by national degree

Based on the figure above, SMK Seri Puteri is the active school utilizing this LMS in learning and larning more than 40,000 over activities since 11 months ago. One of the ground is that SMK Seri Puteri is a bunch school where the the niche country for the bunch school is ICT. It is proven at SMK Seri Puteri, that ICT Literacy more than 27,200 activities and ICT Literacy Form 2 more than 13,600 activities recorded the highest rate as shown in Figure 3 below.

Activities since 11 months ago

Figure 3: Activities in LMS SMK Seri Puteri

Figure 4: Evaluation by school type

Activities since 11 months agoBased on the tabular array above, Bahasa Melayu panel in SK Batu 29 in Terengganu is actively involved compared with the other secondary schools. It is something new to present the linguistic communication instruction and larning utilizing incorporate engineering.

Figure 5: Evaluation by topic

Harmonizing to the cardinal waiter, the most capable that being used in LMS is Tingkatan 4 Ekonomi Asas and followed by Tasawwur Islam for the signifier 4 both recorded more than 16,800 activities. This is proven that the instructor already know that finally all topic can be taught utilizing engineering for learning and larning particularly via Internet. Neither the pupils nor the instructor can happen resources and information about the topic in Internet.

The 2nd subdivision is where the informal interview being conducted. When asked about how the instructors ‘ feeling when utilizing the LMS, the reply is that all instructors feel really thankful and the instructor holding merriment making their ain lesson in the LMS. Using computing machines as a learning tool facilitate the Teachs in their instruction procedure

On the inquiry whether is it difficult for the pupils to accommodate with the new environment? The instructors responded that the pupils are readily equipped with the self-paced acquisition. They enjoy larning and the instructor enjoyed making content/lesson.

The benefit of utilizing LMS in school has been proven when the state was under the menace of a H1N1 disease. During the worst instance scenario, one of the schools was closed for a hebdomad because to incorporate the spread of the virus. LMS was so used as an alternate instruction tool to restart the instruction course of study as place. It substitutes the instruction and larning procedure in school to the pupil ‘s house. So, the pupil can larn anyplace and anytime.


Based on the consequences above, a batch of substructure work had to be done before the execution could be rolled out to the other 10,000 schools in Malaysia. This pilot undertaking is good equipped with the hardware, package, the care and the support needed for this undertaking to travel as program. But, what happen when the 10,000 schools did n’t acquire the same equipment or substructure as the pilot undertaking? The substructure in the school should be ready for this sort of acquisition to be held. Furthermore, the preparedness of the instructor to utilize engineering in the schoolroom should be taken into history. Most of the instructors particularly the senior instructors were loath to utilize engineering in the schoolroom likely because it is non feasible for them to larn the engineering and at the same clip to utilize the engineering for learning intents.


With this survey, it can be concluded that the pupils are ready for the new engineering to come and they would be ready to research new avenues with engineering. It was besides proved that self-paced acquisition is more gratifying than force acquisition. Nowadays, formal instruction is non merely gained at a formal topographic point like school but it can besides be at done place. The usage of engineering could do topics that are deemed to be tiring such as history and languages to be more interesting. Teachers need to happen the appropriate manner integrate the engineering in the instruction to do the topic interesting and steeping to the pupils. E-learning will turn more quickly than we of all time know if we did n’t seek to catch up with the promotion of the engineering, we will be left behind.



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