Building Bridges Of Understanding Through Commitment And Ser

December 25, 2016 General Studies

Building Bridges Of Understanding Through Commitment And Service To Humanity

How can we build bridges of understanding through commitment and service to humanity

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I feel that building bridges of understanding amongst each other is very important. Without understanding nothing would ever get accomplished and there would be hatred amongst everyone in all aspects of life. If you are committed to building these bridges and willing to do whatever it takes then you will accomplish you goal, but it is going to take commitment from each side. Whether it is between two people or one million everyone has to want the same thing in life, and both parties must be willing to compromise to achieve their goals. You can?t expect to accomplish anything if you aren?t committed or willing to compromise. It will be an endless battle between the two groups. Service to humanity is also a very important aspect in building these bridges of commitment. You must be willing to help each other and those less fortunate than you. It is impossible to treat those who are less fortunate like they are of no importance, because they are. A great example would be helping the homeless or working at soup kitchens. This not only is a good deed, but it feels

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