If The Deaf Could Hear?

If The Deaf Could Hear?

If the Deaf could hear?

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If the ability to hear were granted to the deaf, would it make a difference With new medical discoveries every day, it is entirely possible that we could have a cure for deafness within the next century; what would the impact on the deaf portion of society be if a cure were discovered
There are four major categories of deafness; people born completely deaf, people born hearing impaired, people that become deaf, and people that become hearing impaired. Whether they are born with their hearing problem or not is an important distinction because those born with limited hearing or without hearing are speech impaired as well. I differentiate between complete deafness and hearing impairment because hearing aids sometimes make the ?deaf? hear nearly as well as the hearing. The people of these categories would be affected differently. Generally, those born completely deaf would be affected the more by a cure than those who become hearing impaired during the course of their lives.
Perhaps, as a whole, a cure for deafness would not make much difference. After all, most deaf people are not actually completely without hearing. In addition, deaf people are

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